The Area

Pontlevoy in the Loire Valley - 25km South of Blois

Private Holiday Homes - 2 lovely detached stone cottages

What to See?
In the village, the 18th century Abbey with its gothic church is an impressive building now housing an American University. It is possible to see the 25 wall panels of the Street Museum depicting 20th century rural life, to attend the highly-regarded Music Festival on the Abbey premises as well as other activities (theatrical, painting courses), "Masters" on specific musical themes and entertainment taking place during the Summer Season. For fins gourmets there are wine storerooms or "chais" open to visitors and a famous cheese-making farm (goat's cheese or "fromage de chèvre")

A few miles away, among troglodytes dwellings, some old quarries extracting the tufa stones for building kings' castles have been converted into 'caves' for growing mushrooms, for storing thousands of wine bottles (cabernet, Gamay, Sauvignon, Créman de Loire) or for housing exhibitions (silk worms). There are so many things to see that a fortnight stay is highly recommended ( A 10% discount is specially offered to visitors keen on a longer stay).

Pontlevoy is a village full of character built around its 15th C. Chapel and 18th C Military Academy. Those impressive buildings are still perpetuating a vocation for teaching and for the Arts.

During the Summer season the highly regarded Music Festival is housed in the Abbey building as well as other exhibitions and entertainments. The owner, bilingual and a former teacher with a wealth of experience in English schools and language laboratories is proposing tailor-made French tuition from beginners to advanced levels to children & adults interested in learning or relearning the language in a peaceful and right environment.

He is also offering a new service for house hunters in the region, able to translate, advise and help you to understand documents, meet local people, go with you to selected sites to visit houses for sale and if requested to liaise with estate agents and solicitors to make it easier for you. There are plenty of sporting and leisure activities together with so many educational and enjoyable chateau and cities visits. Here are 2 recommended and main attractions found close to us : THE AMAZING INTERNATIONAL GARDEN FESTIVAL in Chaumont (12 km) displaying flowers & plants and The SPLENDID AND FAMOUS BEAUVAL ZOO PARK ( 25 km) set in beautiful green environment, both visits are ideal for the whole family.

For more information on the area have a look at the local tourism site. Click Here to Visit